Press and Media

Press and Media

David Wise (“Dr. D.”) on KTST-FM in Anaheim California

Watch my radio interview via Facebook Live video.

George Zimmerman’s Biggest Defender:
A Racist With a Criminal Past

I had the privilege of assisting in the reporting of a story
by Mariah Blake of Mother Jones on Frank Taaffe . Mr. Taaffe
was the friend of George Zimmerman, the man acquitted
for the shooting of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed,
African-American teenager.

Here’s a direct quote of Mr. Taaffe from the story:

“This trial is waking up white America, man,” he said. “I’m
fed up with the bullshit and the glad-handing to this one
group of people who  now control what we do and
say. Come on, man, wake up America!”

Trayvon Martin: Not a Symbol for Vigilante Justice

My article in The Huffington Post about the tragic shooting of Trayvon Martin.

Difficult Choices for the GOP: Trayvon Martin or Etch-A-Sketch

I was quoted in an article in The Week Magazine about the horrible
shooting of a black teenage boy in Florida. Once again, the nation’s
attention  was focused on racial profiling.

Red River Writers Live – What’s Write for Me

I had the privilege of being on this show along with two exciting guests from
Script Frenzy and the Young Author’s Program of Office of Letters & Light:

Jennifer Arzt & Tavia Stewart

These amazing ladies kicked off the April 2010 Script Frenzy as well as talking about
their on going efforts getting young people to write. The show was hosted by Dellani Oakes.

(Script Frenzy is brought to you by the same folks who bring you NaNoWriMo.)

Robin Falls Kids – Chirp with April, Peggy & Katy the Dog

I had the honor and privilege of being included, along with several other
wonderful authors, on this children’s radio show with the theme of LOVE.

I read my story “Thank God for the Sandwiches” from the book

Letters to my Mother:
Tributes to the Women Who Give Us Life–and Love.

[Click here for more information on the book]

I also discussed the beginning of my career and my thoughts on writing.
Click here to listen to the archived show.

Red River Writers Live – LOVE Poetry & Prose Readings

Hosts April Robins and Debra M. Simpson welcomed guests and poets to
their Savvy Poetry Design show to read a poem, sonnet, prose, tribute,
or verse of LOVE to someone or something important to them.

In the second hour, I read one of my devotions from the book

Daily Devotions for Writers

[Click here for more information on the book]

Click here to listen to the archived show.

Poets & Writers Directory of American Poets and Writers

I’ve been included in this directory which includes over 7,500 contemporary
authors who have met a strict set of guidelines in order to be included.

Click here to view my listing.

San Gabriel Valley Tribune

I was interviewed for my writing in the story Pause to Reflect.

Click here to read it.

Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

I was interviewed for their “Someone to Know” section.

Click here to read it.