Before I left the States, I remember watching a show titled “What Would You Do?”, hosted by ABC News correspondent John Quiñones. In the series, actors are put in scenes of conflict or illegal activity in public while hidden cameras videotape the scene. The idea is to focus on whether or not bystanders intervene…and how.

The following is a segment of a show which aired in 2010, showing what happens when passers-by encounter someone obviously trying to steal a bike. The catch? They use two actors: one black and one white. The results are eye-opening.


Whether we want to admit it or not, we all use race to come to our conclusions about people. Most of the of the time, we’re not even conscious of it. Denying it only keeps us from dealing with it. Of course, this brings us to an important question:

For a little of fun, here’s a different look at the stereotyping and profiling we do on regular basis. This time, the actor is a woman and it’s quite interesting.